We are lucky to live in a place with extraordinary marine life. You can shoot wide angle images from whale sharks and sardine balls or macros from ghost pipe fish or pygmy sea horses. However, many divers have nice and sophisticated uw camera set up but lack the skill and experience to get the images they are after. Enter Bo Mancao, Underwater Photographer Extraordinary, who teamed up with us to help you getting the pictures you deserve.

Our partner for Underwater Photography: Bo Mancao

Born into a family of divers in Cebu, an island in the Philippine archipelago, it came naturally that he learned to swim, spearfish and scuba dive. His first memories were of the beach and the ocean, and the spell was cast. Diving and travel was hard wired into his DNA.

After university days, He pursued a career in Information Technology that led him to work across three continents mostly land locked, over seven years. Realizing that he could no longer forsake the call of sea, he gave up technology. In 2012, he worked towards to his second coming to the diving world, with a renewed commitment to ocean conservation and a camera.

He has since extensively revisited dive sites from his youth and is continuing to explore new ones.

His dive experience now spans from the all over the Philippine waters to other South East Asian countries and Micronesia.

Bo’s award winning underwater photography and articles have been published in major Philippine newspapers, books on marine conservation and International Magazines like EZ Dive and Asian Diver magazine.

He currently runs The Dive Local Network, a Scuba and Adventure tours company that showcases the Philippines’ best dive destinations. He continuously strives to empower the local dive guides and heavily promotes marine awareness and sustainable fishing methods.

Services offer by Bo Mancao in cooperation with Cebu Fun Divers
  • Underwater Photo Documentary Service
    Have a professional underwater photographer join your travel and vacation dives, documenting your diving activities and what you see under water. Bo will join all your dives and he takes a variety of images throughout the day, above and under water. The digital pictures will be given to you at the end of the day, either on CD or Flash Drive. This service is available for individuals and groups.
  • Master UW Photography Skills Course
    Bo offers special courses for individuals who are not new to underwater photography. He will help develop skills for divers who have their own camera and have been making pictures under water for some time but are frustrated by the results they get. These courses are custom-tailored for the individual diver. His one to one tuition will help you get better results and better images in less time.