Shore Diving in Moalboal

Shore or Beach Diving has many advantages. You are not restricted by boat schedules and can dive whenever you want. Usually it’s only you and your dive buddy, or dive guide, so groups are small. You can dive for as long as you want since you don’t feel pressured to surface because other divers finished diving and are waiting for you on board. And, usually, shore dives are cheaper than boat dives.

Conditions for shore diving are excellent at our dive shop. The dive center is located directly at the water’s edge. Just walk a few meters and you are in a coral garden teeming with fish, hard and soft corals, starfish and more often than not turtles. The reef slopes gently to about 4m / 12f, depending on the tide. About 40m / 120f from the shore, the reef abruptly ends at steep drop-off, dropping to depths deeper than 60m / 200f. Currents are usually gentle, turtles at this point are abundant and coral coverage is excellent.

Beach entries are usually easy, but can occasionally be demanding. If waves are high and there is surf, enter the water without your fins and hold on your buddy. When the water is about chest deep, inflate your BCD, lean back and quickly slip on your fins. Swim out over the drop-off and quickly descend a few meters / feet to escape the surf.

Guidelines for unsupervised shore diving
  • Shore divers must hold and an advanced certification (SSI, PADI, CMAS or any other).
  • Shore divers have to dive in buddy teams and should have surface marker buoys.
  • Shore divers have to have an orientation dive on the reef with one of our dive masters or instructors.
  • Shore divers must file a dive plan before the dive with the front desk.
  • Only recreational dives are allowed, no deep or deco dives.