Find a PADI Dive Course:

Cebu Fun Divers is mostly dedicated for certified divers enjoying fun dives here in Moalboal. However, we offer also introductory dives directly at our shop here in the resort.

If you plan to get certified as an PADI Open Water Diver or any other advanced course, from PADI Advanced Open Water Diver to Rescue Diver to Divemaster or even PADI Dive Instructor, you can do this here in Moalboal, too.

Cebu Fun Divers is part of Seven Seas Aquanauts Corp. which operates 2 dive centers (Cebu Fun Divers and Savedra Dive Center) and a Scuba Academy here at Panagsama Beach in Moalboal.

Dedicated class rooms and an experienced international multi-lingual instructor team teach you everything you need to know to get to the next level. Even sidemount diving and technical diving courses are conducted regularly at the scuba academy.

PADI Open Water students at Cebu Fun Divers

Learn Diving

Immerse yourself in a new adventure – start scuba diving today! PADI introductory and basic certification courses provide an ideal opportunity for individuals new to diving to obtain certification and begin exploring the underwater world. These courses usually combine theory, restricted water training, and open water dives.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver at Cebu Fun Divers Moalboal

Advanced Diving Levels

Are you already a certified diver? Congratulations! A thrilling voyage awaits. We offer the ideal course for you if you wish to be able to visit more dive sites with an Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Improve your skills, learn underwater photography, deep diving, how to use Nitrox, or become a PADI Rescue diver.

PADI Dive Instructor with her Open Water students at Cebu Fun Divers., Moalboal

Go Professional

Passionate about scuba diving? Become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor to earn while traveling. Work at dive shops, resorts, or on liveaboard boats, enjoying a fulfilling job. Specialize locally or explore different locations. Turn your passion into a scuba diving career!

Discover Scuba Diving

Experience the thrill of diving with PADI’s Discover Scuba Diving course. Learn the basics of scuba equipment and underwater exploration.

Open Water Course

Get certified with PADI’s Open Water Course. Dive into the world of underwater wonders as you learn essential skills and safety procedures.

PADI Diving Instructor teaching kids how to dive

Diving For Kids

A fun and safe experience allowing children to explore the underwater world in a controlled environment. Watch their excitement and curiosity come to life as they take their first breaths underwater.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal

Advanced Open Water

Take your diving skills to new depths with PADI’s Advanced Open Water course. Dive into thrilling adventures, including deep dives, night dives, and more.

PADI Rescue Diver Moalboal Cebu

Rescue Diver

Become a confident and capable diver with PADI’s Rescue Diver course. Gain the skills to handle diving emergencies and enhance safety.

PADI Enriched air - nitrox at Cebu Fun Divers Moalboal

Nitrox Diver

Extend your dive time and explore more with PADI’s Nitrox Diver course. Learn how to safely use enriched air nitrox, unlocking longer dives.

Deep Diver

Uncover the mysteries of deeper dive sites with PADI’s Deep Diver course. Gain the knowledge and techniques to explore depths safely.

Dive into a new world with the PADI Divemaster Course at Cebu Fun Divers, Moalboal, Cebu

Divemaster Course

Turn your passion for diving into a profession with PADI’s Divemaster Course. Learn leadership skills and gain real-world experience while assisting in captivating dive operations.

Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Become a PADI diving instructor through the comprehensive Instructor Development Course. Learn to teach and inspire others.

PADI Dive Courses – Impressions

Here is a little picture gallery with some impressions of PADI diver training conducted here Cebu Fun Divers: