Turtle at house reef at Cebu Fun Divers
Moalboal House Reef

Just a few meters from our dive center the house reef is available for a shore dive any time of the night and day. Down the steps, across the sand, fins and mask on and you’re on the dive site, diving has never been so easy. Even better, there is no trade off in quality, here you will see abundant coral, sea fans, sponges, turtles, and look a bit closer and you might see a small blue ringed octopus, a flamboyant cuttlefish and more.

Swim out approximately 30 meters from shore and the wall drops off vertically down to 60 to 70 meters / 500 feet, look out for whale sharks, tuna, jacks and turtles.

Surface from your dive directly in front of the bar and restaurant. Our favorite time of day for a dive here has to be surfacing at sunset from some spectacular views of the sun dipping behind the opposite island Negros.

Coral Reef at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Pescador Island

Moalboal’s jewel when it comes to diving. Some divers talk about the “Pescador Experience”. A coral covered reef top dramatically drops off to a wall descending to 50+ meters. The wall is full of black corals, sea fans and sponges. You can find snappers, scorpion fish, frog fish, triggers, stone fish, nudis, moray eels, sometimes a leaf fish or spanish dancer.
Off in the blue water you sometimes see schools of barracuda or jack fish. Turtles are common, too. On the west side of the island you will find the “Pescador Cathedral”, a cavern or funnel starting at 18 meters dropping to 40+ meters, with pockets, bridges and swim-throughs. Currents can be a bit tricky sometimes. 20 minutes boat ride away. You will find a nice video on Pescador Island here

Experienced Open Water Divers or Advanced Open Water Divers and above

Sardines in Moalboal
Sardine Ball at Panagsama Beach

Philippines most famous sardine run! “Run” is a bit overstated, as they are on the same spot since many years. It is the main attraction in the area and if you get lucky, you even catch thresher sharks hunting inside the ball. Bring your cameras. Less than 5 mins with the boat.

Open Water Diver and above

giant sea fan at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Ronda Marine Park

The marine sanctuary of Ronda is approx. a 25-minute boat ride north of the resort. It presents itself as a slope, going down to 18-20 m, and then drops to 45. Famous for its huge gorgonian fans along the wall, this dive site is suited for both wide angle and macro lenses. You’ll find large variety of hard and soft corals, ghost pipe fish, leaf fish, pygmies, nudibranchs, spotted eagle rays, black-tips and the occasional whale shark.

Suited from Open Water level upwards
Very nice for snorkelers.

Airplane wreck at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Airplane Wreck

The airplane, an American 2-seater, was placed by Savedra Dive Center on this particular sandy part of the slope as an artificial reef project more than 30 years ago. It is now home to a lot of marine residents who enjoy a quite unique home. This dive site is about 20 minutes with the speed boat, going north towards Ronda bay. Good mix of soft and hard corals along the dive, trigger fish, turtles, sweetlips, nudibranchs, devil scorpion fish and more. The plane is located at 18-20 m.

Suited for confident Open Water Divers and levels above

Turtle and snorkeler at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
White Beach

White Beach, as you can imagine, has a a sandy slope shallower part, where you can discover flounders and garden eels towards the reef top. At around 22 m, the slope turns into a wall and you can see an amazing colorful combination of different soft corals. Here you can find ghost pipe fishes, scorpion fishes, nudis and plenty of reef fish. Boat ride from the resort: around 15 mins.

Open Water Divers and above

Blue Sea Squirt at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Dolphin House

This dive site sounds promising, but unfortunately no dolphins can be promised. Nevertheless it is one of the best in the area. A spectacular mix of soft corals on the shallower part of the wall, as it gets steeper with depth and forms quite a few nice overhangs where groupers, Napoleons and a lot of nudibranchs can be found. Around 14 mins with the boat.

Open Water Divers and above

Frog fish at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Tuble Point

The Tuble sanctuary is a great wall dive where you can spot plenty of nudibranchs, scorpionfishes, sea snakes and at the deeper part when diving with an experienced guide, that pygmy seahorse. Healthy coral constellations make this dive a great experience. Around a 10-minute boat ride.

Open Water Divers and above

Clown Fish at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Kasai Point

A quick nine-minute boat ride brings you to the wall of Kasai. Hard corals form the the steep slope where sea snakes are often to be found. Turtles, nudis and one of the most whale shark sightings in the area are waiting for you.

Open Water Diver and above

Mandarin Fish at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal (picture by Dirk Kloeck)
Talisay Point

Another steep wall decorated with hard and soft corals, together with nice gorgonian sea fans. Varieties of shrimp, occasional barracudas, mackerels and your daily dosage of nudibranchs and turtles. Just around the corner, few minutes with the boat.

Open Water Diver and above

Coral Reef in Moalboal at Cebu Fun Divers
Tongo Point

Stunning coral formations are to be found in this well protected area of Moalboal. The Tongo sanctuary is one of the top 3 dive sites we have to offer. Great variety of reef fish, triggers, nudis, frogfish, scorpionfish, hawksbill and green turtles, batfish, sweetlips and more…

Open Water Diver and above

sea star at Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal

Many hard corals on the reef top where you can meet turtles quite a lot. Another steep wall, with interesting overhangs where sea snakes, occasionally barracudas, scorpionfish and more colorful reef fish are waiting.

Open Water and above

Diver with Spanish Dancer at Cebu Fun Divers
Sunken Island

30-40 minutes out with the boat in direction of Badian, this mysterious shoal at around 25 m depth is always an exciting visit. Currents can get quite strong, so it is advised to be in shape and to be able to be very comfortable in the water. You will do down the line, in the blue until you reach the top of the shoal where you can find large lion fish, pelagic school of fish, frog fish and lots more.

Experienced Advanced Open Water Divers and above
Nitrox certified