Boat Diving in Moalboal

Boat Diving in Moalboal is very easy. What makes boat diving so comfortable here is that the dive spots, including Pescador Island, are only minutes away. The average dive spots can be reached within 10-20 minutes. Our dive boats are either small speed boats good for 4 – 8 divers or local outrigger boats, called banca, modified for scuba divers.

Bottom Time Limits

There is no time limit on the dives, as long as other divers don’t complain about waiting too long on board after they already finished their dives. In this case we recommend a maximum dive time of 60 minutes.

Boat Diving Schedules

We offer 3-4 regular boat dives a day. First one is the morning dive at 9:00 am.

Next dive is at 12:00 noon, usually closer by the dive center or at the sardines ball at Panagsama Beach.

The noon dive is followed by an afternoon boat dive 2:30 pm.

Sunset dives at 6:00 am and night dives at 6 pm are conducted on request (minimum 2 divers, surcharges apply).

Dive boats of Cebu Fun Divers in Moalboal
Boat Diving Procedures
  • Gear preparation
    Usually you assemble your gear at the dive shop. Our staff will carry the assembled scuba unit to the dive boat. You just don your wet suit and bring your mask, snorkel and fins along. In order to reach the boat you have to wait in knee to waist deep water, depending on the tide and the waves.
  • Enter the water
    When we reach the dive spot, only minutes away, don the rest of your scuba gear. Before you slip on your BCD make sure all your things are next to you. Don your fins last. Check the area behind you and use a backward roll to enter the water. Once you are in, give a OK signal and swim a few meters away to clear the area for the next diver. Do no descend without your buddy or dive master. If there is current hold on the current line or outrigger.
  • Exit the water
    On surfacing, hold on the current line or outrigger. Do not crowd the ladder and stay clear of other divers climbing the ladder. You don’t want to be under them if they slip or fall. Remove your weight belt and your BCD and give it to the boat man. Remove your fins last before you enter the boat.
  • After the dive
    At the end of the dive the staff will carry your gear to the dive shop. Most divers, especially if they have their own gear, like to dissemble, rinse and store their gear by themselves. You can do that, too, or let our staff handle that.