The Visaya dive safari is a shuttle safari connecting 2 destinations: Moalboal in Cebu and Sipalay in Negros. The safari starts either in Moalboal and ends in Sipalay or vice versa. For schedules and time tables visit our websites.

The dive safari starts at 6:30 am.

The dive safari usually ends late afternoon, between 4 and 7pm, depending on weather conditions.

An Advanced Open Water Certification is highly recommended. However, experienced Open Water divers can join, too. Inexperienced divers may be excluded from some of the more demanding dive spots (e.g. Sunken Island). Advanced Dive Courses can be conducted prior to the dive safari at our dive centers. You need a minimum of 2 days to get Advanced Open Water certified.

A check-dive before the dive safari commences is mandatory and included in the price.

Usually we have the safari leader, frequently a European dive instructor, and a Filipino local dive master on board who are joining every dive. If you feel that you need a personal dive guide we will arrange one for you for an additional fee.

The most convenient way to get to Moalboal is to let us arrange your transfers. We provide reliable aircon cars. If you are up to some adventure, you can hire a taxi in Cebu City or at the airport or take the local bus.

The most convenient way to get to Sipalay is to let us arrange your transfers. We provide reliable aircon cars. If you are up to some adventure, you can hire a taxi in Bacolod / Dumaguete or take the local bus.

Our in-house travel desk can arrange all transfers for you.

Our in-house travel desk can arrange all accommodation before and after safari in a variety of beach resorts.

We recommend that you arrange domestic flights directly with the airline thru their website.

  • Diving incl. dive master service, tank, weight and weight belt.
  • Accommodation on board or in a beach resort.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Additionally, other refreshments, snacks and fruits are served.
  • Drinks such as mineral water and soft drinks are free of charge on the ship.
  • Alcoholic beverages on board.
  • Drinks and additional food in restaurants, bars and in the resorts where we might stay.
  • Marine sanctuary fees.
  • Rental dive equipment.

Every diver must have in his possession his personal dive computer and surface marker buoy. If you don’t have one you might rent or purchase one at our dive centers.

Sanctuary fees vary from sanctuary to sanctuary and are often changed. Also, some sanctuaries charge more for divers with photo or video cameras. For the total safari, estimate about 3.000 Pesos for sanctuary fees.

Night diving is offered at most of the dive spots.

You can do usually 3-4 dives in a day, including night dives. However, some dive spots don’t allow night dives and sometimes weather conditions and travel distance limit the maximum number of dives.

Nitrox is not available on board the ship.

15 liter tanks are not available on dive safaris.

These dive safaris are a joint venture of Easy Diving and Savedra Dive Center, managed by Easy Diving. On every dive safari the ship passes by Oslob since it is on the way. Savedra’s policy is to discourage every diver from diving with the whale sharks. However, Easy Diving allows every diver to make his own informed decision, after a thorough briefing, if he or she likes to dive with the whale sharks or not. The local fee to dive with whale sharks, 1,500 Pesos per dive at this point in time (Oct 2013), is not included in the price.

Here is an overview about the weather in our region: In summer time (dry season: January – May), the sea is usually calm with very good visibility. Rainy Season starts in June and is actually very nice, too. Bright sunshine in the morning and a short but strong and refreshing downpour in the afternoon or night. Usually good visibility. September till December is Typhoon Season, where we have sometimes overclouded and rain for a couple of days in a row. We are not much affected by typhoons passing through the Philippines. These typhoons follow a regular path, which leads over the islands of Samar to Luzon (Manila) further on to China, Hong Kong or Japan. Cebu is outside this typhoon belt but sometimes affected by overcast and some rain. Visibility varies from 10-30 meters, water temperature is 27-29C.

On waking, coffee, tea, cookies and biscuits are served before the early morning dive.
After the early morning dive, breakfast like bacon and eggs, pan cakes, muesli or Filipino breakfast is served. After the morning dive, lunch in form of a plated dish is served (Western or Filipino dishes). After the afternoon dive, snacks like sandwiches or a fruit platter is available. After night dive, a plated dinner is ready for your consumption. There is no buffet; meals are served on individual plates.

You have the choice of 2 options when you book the dive safari: Sleeping on board or stay in a room at a beach resort nearby the dive spot.

We book a room in a resort near the anchor point of the safari ship. Accommodation is simple, with at private bath room and air-conditioning, when available.

A Zodiac will bring you to the beach and pick you up in the morning if you stay in beach resort.

A dive insurance is highly recommended.

A travel insurance is highly recommended.

Credit card payment for dive safaris is not an option. Bank transfer or Paypal is the only way to pay for a dive safari at this point of time. You can transfer money to our Philippine or German accounts.

Payments and Deposits:

20% deposit within 10 days of reservation.
Full balance is due 30 days before the trip

Payments can only be made by bank transfer.

Up to 60 days before departure: full refund (excluding bank charges)
59-31 days prior to departure, 20% is forfeited.
If within 30-14 days, 50% is forfeited.
If 14 days before departure, no refund is available
Cancellations must be in writing

We need a minimum of 4 divers to commence a dive safari.

10 to 12 divers can be accommodated on a dive safari. However, only 8 divers can sleep in bunks on board if they wish to, the others have to sleep in a beach resort.

Very seldom dive safaris might be cancelled in advance, e.g. for not reaching the required minimum amount of passengers (4). In this case you get a full refund of your payment or we offer viable other options for the time of your trip. However, we shall not be liable for failure to carry out any contracted arrangements which are caused by acts of God, labor disputes or conditions, weather or otherwise, beyond our control (Force Majeure).

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