The recent visit of Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco to Moalboal shed light on its significant contribution to the country’s tourism industry. The Tourism Secretary’s firsthand diving experience highlighted Moalboal’s natural beauty and its role in attracting tourists from around the world.

During her visit, she dived into the rich marine ecosystem of Moalboal and was amazed by the Sardine Run, sea turtles, and abundant marine life. Kalle Epp, Savedra Dive Center’s owner, had the privilege of diving alongside the Secretary, ensuring that she had a safe and memorable experience exploring Moalboal’s underwater wonders.

Photos from Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco

Moalboal’s recognition as a top diving destination adds to the Philippines‘ reputation as the World’s Leading Dive Destination, as awarded by the World Travel Awards in 2022. The town’s pristine beaches, diverse marine life, and captivating dive spots have played a big role in earning this prestigious title. Secretary Garcia-Frasco wrote on social media, „Mesmerized by MOALBOAL. The Sardine Run, sea turtles, and pristine beaches teeming with marine life make Moalboal, Cebu truly one of the Philippines‘ tourism gems. Unforgettable diving and snorkeling experiences await you in Moalboal!“

Her visit also highlighted the government’s commitment to promoting dive tourism in the country. Under the Marcos Administration, the Department of Tourism established a Dive Committee, which includes agencies like DOT, TIEZA, TPB, and PCSSD. This collaborative effort aims to develop dive products nationwide and support the sustainable growth of dive tourism. Moalboal serves as a prime example of how such initiatives can boost local economies and preserve natural habitats.

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